What are the most effective weight loss exercises

A simple exercise routine for weight loss at home for 20 minutes a day. Effective weight loss and working out problem areas through effective physical activity.

Not every representative of the fair sex can boast a chiseled figure with which nature has generously rewarded them. Most women and girls have to work hard on their bodies to achieve seductive shapes. And unfortunately, not everyone can afford to regularly go to the fitness club to exercise due to various circumstances. But in order to effectively reduce weight, tone muscles and keep the result for a long time, you can exercise at home. We offer you a simple set of home weight loss exercises that will definitely help you eliminate fat deposits in problem areas and improve your overall wellbeing.

Exercises for weight loss and strengthening the muscle corset

Exercise for Weight Loss

To get great results in a short amount of time, you need a comprehensive approach to losing weight. In addition to exercising, it is necessary to rethink your diet. Avoid fast foods, premium wheat flour, sugary foods, soda, fatty, fried, and salty foods. Try to eat more protein and drink at least 2 liters of pure water or green tea a day.

Exercises for a flat stomach and a thin waist

Many women are faced with the problem of fat deposits on the abdomen and sides. These weight loss exercises are effective and easy to get rid of.

Complex for losing weight in the hips and buttocks

What exercises to do to lose weight in the hips and buttocks will be discussed further. Perform this complex regularly and after 3-4 weeks you can evaluate the first results.

Follow the daily suggested complex, follow a light diet, move more and in a month the scales will show 5-9 kilograms less.

Every spring we fight against obesity. Hard diets and workouts are "wear and tear" in the course. Some even use miracle pills. But babies also know that physical exercise for rapid weight loss plays an important role in the war against the hated kilograms.

Great when you can regularly attend a sports club. Unfortunately, many do not have enough time / money / patience. Exercising at home gives great results.
The optimal training duration (recommended by doctors) is 20-30 minutes.

Try the following physical exercises and surprise your friends with spectacular results.

Warm-up and exercises for rapid weight loss

Every workout should start with a warm-up. Muscles and joints should be warmed up. This saves you from sprains and injuries of varying severity.

Warm up and slimming exercises

So let's go. First, rub your palms vigorously until they warm up. Use them to warm your face, ears, and neck. Then make a few twisting movements in both directions with each joint.

Warm up your shoulders and arms. We perform circular movements with our shoulders several times forwards and then backwards. The hands are straight, the palms are parallel to the ground and facing in opposite directions (as if they are depicting a penguin). Next, we turn with our elbows and behind them in different directions - with our fists.

Stand up straight with your back straight. Make twists in opposite directions, leaving your lower body motionless. The head looks ahead all the time. Do 25 reps.

Then make a circular motion with your body. 10 turns in each direction. The legs are still motionless.

A series of exercises for quick weight loss at home

Exercise for slimming the buttocks

Place your feet a little wider than your shoulders and bend them at the knees (most effectively at a right angle). Stand in this position as long as possible.

Squat exercise

Do 2-3 sets of 25-35 repetitions. While squatting, your knees should be directly over your feet.

Jump exercise

Crouch down. From this position, jump to the highest possible height and return to the starting point. Repeat 20 times.

Scissors exercise

Lie on your back with your legs straight and your hands under your lower back. Cross your legs and spread them apart as much as possible. Only 10 repetitions.

Exercise for slim legs

Get on your knees with your arms outstretched. Quickly sit on each gluteus muscle, tilting your body to keep balance. Repeat 20-30 times.

Half-line exercise

Half body exercise

Stand on your feet with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and twist your toes in opposite directions. Do a half-squat at a slow pace and stay down for as long as possible. Return to the starting position at the same speed. Do 20 repetitions in 2 sets.

Exercise "Swing Leg"

Lie on your side. Bend your lower leg. Perform gentle exercises with maximum amplitude on your thigh. Do 20 swings. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Abdominal exercise

Lie on your back with your hands and legs straight. Pull your knees towards your chest, lift your shoulders and head off the floor, and pull toward your knees. Return to the original position. Perform 2 sets 20 times.

Inclined rotation exercise

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Put your hands on the back of your head. Now straighten your elbow towards the opposite knee. Repeat 20 times. Now from the opposite side.

Press the exercise

Continue to lie on your back, straighten your legs at a 45 ° angle to the floor and hold as much as possible. Do 10 sets.

Exercise to work all abs

The start position is the same. Put your hands aside and place your palms on the floor. Extend your legs straight up. Slowly lower your legs down, then come back up and lower them alternately left and right. Do it 12 times in all directions.

Half bridge exercise

Continue to lie on your back. The legs bent at the knees rest on the floor, the arms stretch over the body. Raise your pelvis as high as possible and lower it. Do the movement 20-30 times.

Back exercise

Place your arms and legs on your back perpendicular to the floor. Alternately pull your hips and shoulder blades off the floor as if you were trying to reach the ceiling. Do 20 repetitions.

Exercise "lying swallow"

Roll on your stomach. At the same time, raise your straight legs and arms to the maximum height. Stretch in opposite directions. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise "pushups"

Step into the plank. Lower your knees to the floor. Press the floor 10 times.

Exercise "reverse push-ups"

Stand with your back to the chair. Sit on the edge and place your hands on the sides of your torso. Bend your legs at a right angle and place your heels on the floor. Pull the pelvis 5 cm beyond the edge of the chair, the backrest should remain straight. Bend your elbows at a 90 ° angle. Climbing up. Elbows are categorically unacceptable for parting in different directions. Repeat 15 times.

hand exercise

Stand up straight with your arms in front of you. Stay in this position as long as possible.

Hand exercises

Cooling down exercise

Be sure to stretch out your training. Sit on the floor and spread your legs to the maximum width. Gently stretch your body forward, left, right. Lie on the floor and straighten your arms and legs transversely in opposite directions (i. e. , pull your left arm and right leg and vice versa).

Performing weight loss exercises at home will strengthen your muscles and improve your overall physical performance. You will get quick results if you do the whole complex regularly.

Why exercise is important

As you know, movement is life and that says it all. Only an active person can feel healthy. Our ancestors led a more mobile lifestyle so they had no questions about losing weight and adding stress. We are very spoiled by the benefits of civilization and spend too much time sitting. In order to regulate our condition, we must therefore load ourselves separately. Losing weight is often used not only to look beautiful, but also to become healthier.

Physical activity burns calories and builds muscle. It also increases your metabolic rate, which not only stimulates fat burning but also improves overall health.

So it's time to find out which exercises are best for losing weight.

In progress

So let's look at the best weight loss exercises with the most popular ones. It's no secret that running is the first exercise to help you lose weight. In addition, it strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as bones and connective tissue. Around 600 kilocalories are burned during operation.

The uniqueness of this exercise lies in the fact that it is completely natural for humans and therefore has no side effects (if you exercise sensibly and feel your body). You don't need any special equipment or conditions to run. This is another benefit of this exercise.

Speed ​​interval training is recommended to burn calories intensely. They imply periodic short (0. 5-2 min) explosive accelerations during the main run cycle. This running option contributes to a more efficient and faster burning of calories, develops the leg muscles well and accelerates the metabolic processes.

Before you begin the exercise, you need to warm up a little or run for a few minutes to gradually increase the pace. Stretching before running is not recommended. Since this exercise puts stress on the joints, it is advisable to choose comfortable, high-quality shoes.

When considering the best weight loss products, you should definitely pay attention to running. Many people underestimate aerobic exercise and believe that only building muscle will enable you to lose weight, but this is not true. Muscles grow under the layer of fat and burn it to a small extent, while physical activity fights fat much faster.


This exercise has the same benefits as running, but less stress on the joints. Therefore, walking is suitable for people with health problems (of course without prohibiting walking). It has a beneficial effect on the condition of people suffering from obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Exercise heals the body comprehensively and has a positive effect on the state of mind.

If you run at 6-7 km / h for 30 minutes, up to 250 calories are burned. If you do it every day, you can lose half a kilogram in a week. You can go anywhere. When you have little free time, just go to work.


Swimming for Weight Loss

Regardless of the type, swimming is ideal for weight loss. If you exercise intensely, you can burn up to 700 kilocalories per hour. Swimming not only helps you lose weight, but also strengthens, strengthens and builds the correct body proportions. It is great for people suffering from obesity, asthma, arthritis, and musculoskeletal problems.

When swimming, a person strengthens all the main muscle groups: abdominal muscles, back, legs, arms, buttocks. It can be used in conjunction with other activities or as a standalone exercise. Swimming is by far one of the best weight loss exercises.


Cycling is next on the list of the best exercises for weight loss. This is a pretty good way to lose weight which is the average type in terms of number of loads.

One hour of such training can burn 400 to 1100 kilocalories, depending on the intensity of the movement and body weight. The degree of exposure also depends on the terrain.

In contrast to previous sports, cycling does not put any strain on the joints. Even those who are not particularly prepared can easily cover several kilometers.

Of course, exercising outdoors is much more interesting and useful, since uneven terrain creates additional stress, landscapes allow you to distract yourself, and fresh air makes the body tone. In addition, "rides" outdoors are much more beneficial to the cardiovascular system than exercise on a stationary bike. Even so, you can use the simulator to lose weight and improve your condition well. Either way, the bike is one of the best hip loss exercises because the extensors take the brunt of the load.

One way to optimize your exercise time is to cycle to work. This is a great way to recharge yourself with positive energy in the morning and to stimulate the acceleration of the metabolism, which allows the body to use more calories throughout the day. When you return from working on a two-wheeled friend, you can cement the success of your morning workout and get a good rest. After the evening class, you will have a sound sleep. This method is of course relevant in areas where there are bike lanes or car traffic allows you to drive safely on simple roads. Otherwise, it is better not to risk it, as such a ride will only leave negative impressions.

Elliptical trainer

Eleptic slimming trainer

Exercises for this simulator can also be included in the "Best exercises for weight loss at home" complex. Such a workout allows you to develop the body and cardio system without putting any stress on the joints. Thanks to the movable handles, both the upper and lower body can be loaded. By adjusting the buoyancy and incline, as well as moving backwards, you can choose the most suitable intensity level.

An average height person exercising on an elliptical can burn approximately 600 kilocalories per hour. Despite the fact that the simulator simulates the running and movement of a skier (by the way, skiing is also very good at burning calories), it does not put any stress on the joints. Thanks to this property, it is more affordable for people with arthritis, obesity, and musculoskeletal disorders.

To burn more calories, it is recommended to hold the handles while exercising. This will put additional strain on your arms and shoulder girdle. Don't think about the calories burned. It's much more useful to keep track of your heart rate. It should be around 85% of your body's capacity. Choosing the load to maintain this frequency will help you get the most effective result.

This can be classified as one of the best home weight loss exercises, but the simulator is relatively expensive and takes up quite a lot of space. Therefore, many will prefer to work out on it in the gym.


The "Best Weight Loss Exercises" complex continues a game as famous as tennis. It allows you to burn around 600 calories.

This type of physical activity is suitable for those who like to train in a company. It will also appeal to those who don't like sports but like the feeling of victory. The competitive aspect can inspire even the laziest of people.

When you play tennis, you can develop flexibility, coordination and correct posture, as well as trigger negative emotions and increase stress resistance.

When playing tennis, the muscles of the arms, legs and abdominal muscles are affected. In addition to the body, the head is also trained, because here you cannot do without the ability to plan your actions and make quick decisions. Such exercises increase brain functionality and improve memory. And scientists from the National Institutes of Health claim that tennis helps increase bone tissue.

Interval training with high intensity

Interval high-intensity training

With this interesting technique, we continue the best exercises for losing weight at home. It is suitable for those who are solely concerned with weight loss. This workout only takes 20 minutes at least three times a week. At the same time, you can effectively burn calories and speed up the metabolism.

Works well with other types of exercise. They consist of short explosive devices that alternate with less intense action or complete rest.

For those who have not done any sport in this sense before, you will need a few months of preparation. This can be as simple as cycling, running, swimming, or even walking. The main condition is the alternation of active and passive intervals.

Start with a five minute warm up. The sixth minute represents the exercise with maximum effect and intensity. Then a minute's break and so on in a circle, of course without considering the warm-up. After five rounds, you should rest for three minutes. This is just a variation on interval training. By the way, the best abdominal slimming exercises are much more effective with this training method.


This is suitable for those who exercise regularly. This is shown at least by the fact that CrossFit was originally intended for the training of special forces.

Training includes weight lifting, endurance training, plyometry, speed training and finally strength training.

Doing CrossFit is never boring as, unlike any other program, it doesn't consist of multiple repetitions of the same actions, but rather many types of physical activity that create a great workout for burning fat.

This program is based on the accumulation of the main components of physical fitness: flexibility, endurance, speed, strength and coordination.

On each new training day you have to perform actions that were not available in the previous lesson. Alternatively, the daily routine may include 20 bar pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 40 abs repetitions, and 50 squats. There is a three-minute break between the actions. The duration of a lesson is not more than 20 minutes if done correctly. To get the most out of this technique, you should exercise at least three times a week.

Step aerobics

Step aerobics for weight loss

Anyone looking for the best leg slimming exercises should read this section. Everyone knows that simply climbing stairs is extremely beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and allows you to burn off excess calories. The same principle became the basis for this type of fitness, like step aerobics.

One lesson burns up to 500 kilocalories. It usually takes around 50 minutes, but you can start from 20. There aren't that many best weight loss exercises, but step aerobics is definitely on their list. The essence of this system lies in the use of a special platform for climbing. Depending on the athlete's training level and goals, the height of the step platform can vary.

This technique is often used for early recovery from injuries.

Burpee exercise

This is a very easy exercise to perform and organize that can burn large numbers of calories, develop a complex body and endurance, and strengthen the cardio system. It shows that your own body weight is enough for a good workout.

The basic exercise consists of the following steps:

  • squats and palms on the floor in front of you;
  • stretches the legs and takes the "lying position";
  • to crouch down;
  • straightens up as high as possible: while the arms are raised and the whole body is stretched.

That's all. There are also weighted burpees:

  1. With push-ups. That is, after you get into the lying position, the bench press is done and then returned to the squat position.
  2. jumping weight. Hands take on any load before swinging up.

Beginners who find it difficult to jump out of a crouch can simply stand up instead of jumping.

Burpee for weight loss

A round consists of an alternation of 30 seconds burpees and 30 seconds break and lasts 2-3 minutes. In the passive phase, it is recommended to do what is known as shadow boxing - energetic hits on a fictional target, which increases the effectiveness of the training.

Beginners play up to four rounds with a one-minute break in between. Advanced athletes drive up to 6 laps with a break of 30 seconds.

Anyone who is interested in the best for weight loss should definitely pay attention to this simple and effective technique. You can do burpees 3-5 times a week, either separately or to warm up before loading.

Home training requirements

The required sports equipment is represented by the following elements:

  • dumbbells, weight: for women from 1 to 5 kilograms; for men from 3 to 16 kg.
  • sports mat;
  • comfortable and natural sportswear;
  • Tires weighing 1 to 2 kilograms.

Important! If the tire weighs less, the result will be invalid and there will be more bruises on the sides.

If you don't have time to go to the gym, home fitness is an excellent substitute. Slimming exercises will help you get great results. The main thing is the right attitude, pursuit and desire.

Obesity problems for contemporary humanity are more relevant than ever. Every man and woman faced with such a nuisance does not give up and tries to find a way out. Some have strict diets, others simply cut down on servings, and some exercise. In both cases, however, it is not enough to do just one thing: you must have a comprehensive influence on your own body and organism, that is, eat right and do sports.


Here we are with you and are considered to be the best weight loss exercises. Everyone can choose the most suitable for themselves. The main thing is that the lessons make sense and do not harm his health. You shouldn't allow yourself to overtrain as it will result in much more uncomfortable consequences than a few extra pounds. Remember that health is much more important than beauty!

are a great alternative to gym workouts. The main thing is pursuit, patience. Let's look at what complex weight loss exercises you can do at home.


  • Complex exercises for losing weight at home should always start with a clear goal and self-discipline.
  • For quick results, exercise at least three times a week.
  • The
  • training should start at least two hours after eating.
  • A course of weight loss exercises at home is designed for regular exercise. The less absenteeism occurs, the sooner the results will be felt.
  • Before starting the complex, you need to warm up. It is the first and compulsory level of training;
  • To do a number of weight loss exercises at home, you should always stretch.
  • You need to strain your muscles as much as possible with every exercise. The main thing when doing this or that movement should be to feel the zone that is being trained;
  • Proper breathing is the key to effective training. You should always inhale with your nose and exhale with difficulty using your mouth.
  • should eat properly and drink enough fluids.

A slim waist and a firm stomach are the dream of many. The road to get there is long and requires care. Let's see what kind of waist exercises you can do at home too.