Physical exercises to remove belly and flanks

The girls are the exercise leads to slimming the abdomen and flanks

How to powerful physical exercises to remove belly and flanks? A beginner's mistake. Complex Training with weights in Detail.

Ask a Trainer through a series of exercises to remove belly and flanks, and it is not the answer that I want. Psychologically, we swing all aim at the same — "" what is a problem area, and believe that if the muscle is burning there "" so the Training runs. The physiology of people, but it is a little different. And you will never get rid of fat in the middle part of the body, to a low percentage as a whole. In General, isolated movements you will not help business. You need a balanced diet, and well-structured training plan exercise to remove belly and flanks. Man, by the way, requires a special approach, the same as in the case of the woman.

Why the exercises often do not work""?

You saw clearly in the social networks, an article supposedly 10-12 exercises at home lose weight belly and flanks, half of which are variations of the direct twist, and the Rest — make hybrids and to share the spirits of the knee various parts of the body. And even tried to do, but somehow not really helped. What is the reason? As always the Secret Element to hide "" in the Form of fat burner or something else that is comparable? No, the cause lies somewhere else:

  • "regional" complexes, which do not have the feet to increase the little Chance to seriously alter the metabolism and calorie consumption. The same Rectus abdominis is not the biggest and strongest, The complex of exercises on the abdomen and hips for womenif your reduction is not so, energy is consumed, such as, for example, in the case of the squat and deadlift;
  • if the Rock is only the press and the pages can be fast enough attitude to earn disorders. Relatively weak back muscles just can not keep up, and you Wake up one morning not with a narrow waist, and the press, and twisted, with shoulders forward, lordosis in the lower back, and clear the "hump". In addition, twisting only dangerous for people with weakened long Dorsi, you can provoke the displacement of the vertebrae, especially if you get excited and "stuck" muscles, such as often advised;
  • and the feeling that "I led the exercise, now you can eat" after a half-hour movements on the Mat is exactly the same as the normal strength training. Because often those who shakes the press are losing, food as power, and not weight.

In General, you need to have a complex, have studied not only would the press and oblique, but at the same time loaded, legs, back, arms, chest. Here is an example of such a complex.

A series of exercises to remove belly and flanks, with free weights

Warm-up: 10 minutes on the elliptical, or on foot with a high instep, knee, and bring the elbow to the opposite knee. During the warm-up pull the belly, you will feel the muscles.

The majority of the


For starters, you need to stabilize static press. To avoid problems with the spine. Start with a simple strap. Rise up for pushups in the attack on the ground, the palms of the hands projected on the heads, shoulders, arms straight, but not aggressive stretching of the elbow until it clicks into place. Tighten your abdomen and remove the "cottage" from the buttocks, leave the back as flat as possible. You breathe freely, stay in the pose for 30 to 60 seconds. Run 3-4 Passes. When will this be easy to get down on your forearms. And if the bracket on the shafts seems to be simple — lift one leg so that the thighs remain in the projection of the floor, rotate your pelvis in different directions.

Practice Ironing on a Hand

Attach the rubber Expander on the door from the top or from the "Generation" training device "Crossover". Grabbing the handle with both hands, the left side of the floor. They lead to a simultaneous reduction in the press and tilt to the right, causing the hands to the right thigh. The movement is similar to a "pulling in" of the axe. Take it slow, do not perform more than 15 repetitions. If you can do 20, increase the resistance. 3-4 sets of each page is sufficient.

Next, you set the Timer so that the Signal will sound every Minute, and run consistently about 2 rounds of each giant set. You go on more effective exercises to remove belly and flanks.

Set 1

Squat with the stamp on the head

Take vulture or body bar, grip wider than shoulders, and bring him back over the head and a little. Perform a classic squat, let the buttocks, just below the parallel Semi-lines of the hips. Draw the belly, so that the case will not be swayed from side to side.

The rise of the legs with the

You lay down on the floor and grab it with the hands to support the head. Slowly through the press, you lift the legs vertically into the ground to hold the lower back of the column. Sporty slim female abdomenThen make the reduction of your abdominal muscles, bring the feet a little higher, as if you wanted to birch. Hold for 3 seconds, repeat.

Jumps in the stop lying

Take the focus as for pushups and gentle, the feet together, jump apart-feet. If you can not jump, just keep going. Warning — the centre of the body, tighten the abdomen, do not let the buttocks, "get out" to the top.

Set of 2

PUSH the fretboard to the top

They are just vultures or Bar in the case of direct lowered hands. You lead the squat and the simultaneous ascent of the projectile to the chest, rotate the elbow down. Get up, the force of the muscles of the hips and of the press-grip Board press to the top. Hands bring only "" him, a break in the elbow. In the gently back to lower the weights to the chest in the starting position. Your goal — to learn, to push, straight legs, and don't lift the weight with your hands and keep your back straight and belly is far.

Push-UPS with traction

You are in the center of gravity for pushups, hands on dumbbells (if no powers or abilities, they can only lead to the hands to the belt, with the force of the shortening of the widest). Press from the ground, and then stand up, clear the right Hand. You drive the dumbbell to the belt of the power of the latissimus Dorsi. To lower, press, repeat.

"The dog with the muzzle down in the Cobra"

Stand in an L-pose or the dog with the muzzle down. Strong buttocks stretch up, stretching out the back. When you exhale, you must turn the backward movement, and as far as possible, while the remaining surfaces are in abutment on the hand and the tips of the toes. You run slowly and do not relax the abdomen to the extreme points of the exercises.

After all the circles, pull the core muscles of the body, and can be 20 minutes on any cardio equipment, if there are forces, or to go easy in the shower. Added Cardio this complex can be, depending on the desire and well-being, and he himself trained to perfect the heart and burns calories. Change the exercise to remove belly and flanks, every 4-5 weeks, follow the diet and try to weight increase weights every workout. So you will lose weight faster than with the tires, slopes, and other popular Arsenal.